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Aligned Strategies 

Business and Technology Strategic Advisory






Find The Way Forward

Strategic Growth Through Technology

Leadership Development

 Leadership coaching and mentoring services that help you unlock and expose opportunities that create sustaining value.

Technology Strategy

Developing a digital strategy that supports the growth of your business is critical to get right, ensuring you identify the capabilities you need, when you need it.

Business Strategy

Achieve next level growth though strategy development and tactical execution, creating future value. 


Business Advisory

Embedded partnerships that support you and your team to achieve and drive the strategic agenda.

Technology Leadership

Our vCIO services bridge the gap of translating commercial needs into true business technology enablement.

How We Engage

We understand that engaging a consultant can be an uncertain experience. Before we can partner with a client, we first need to gain insight about you and your business. Equally, you need to trust us and have confidence that we can add value.

Initial Meeting

Unpack Session



Thought Leadership

Unprepared for Growth?

Unprepared for Growth?

Preparing for growth seems a pretty self-explanatory concept, right? But I challenge this. The truth is that for many, preparation as a concept is frequently connected to the anticipated, being reactive rather than strategic, and forms the foundation business case for...

The Great Re-Integration

The Great Re-Integration

While the “Great Resignation” continues to play out globally, 1.3M workers (9.5%) changed jobs here in Australia from Feb 21-22, as reported by the ABS. People are central to building and maintaining a successful and competitive business, and though companies have...

How Will It End?

How Will It End?

What does the end look like? What does it need to look like to achieve your targeted success? “Exit Strategy” it’s become a catchcry or start-up theatre topic of choice. It’s thrown around a lot, but what does it mean to you? The reality is, yes, you do need to think...

About Us – Our Journey

Aligned Strategies was established by James Orr following a successful career leading and implementing business and technology strategies across multiple industries. James set the mission for Aligned Strategies of assisting businesses to realise their potential by bridging the gap between business and technology.

Real success is built on a combination of capability and partnership. With our primary focus on authentic client engagement, we know that value needs to be demonstrated.

Guided by this James founded the business on being independant and objecitive, we sit on the client side of the table to ensure that technology is aligned to serve the real needs of business, and not simply what the market has on offer.

As an independant we are not affiliated or aligned to any solution provider or technology partner, and therfore are paid only by our clients, ensuring transperancy and accountability.

Determined not to be just another consultancy, we engage and partner with our clients to build a shared understanding of your business, investing in the relationship to build long-term success.

Brisbane Based,

Operating Nationally


Based in Brisbane, Queensland we work with clients locally and nationally, and though we love to work with people face-to-face, we also blend remote and external work with internal engagement, especially in the current economic environment.

Let’s Build It Together

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